Japanese quality
& nordic design
High Quality Scissors For Professionals.

With a deep appreciation for both tradition and innovation, Nordic Edge creates professional-grade hairdresser scissors that embody the perfect balance of precision, functionality, and a touch of Nordic elegance. Each pair of scissors crafted by Nordic Edge is meticulously designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans who possess a profound understanding of the intricate art of Japanese hairdressing.

With utmost attention to detail, every curve, every blade, and every edge is honed to perfection, ensuring an exceptional cutting experience for professionals in the hairdressing industry.

Professional Care
& Warranty

With our warranty, Nordic Edge guarantees that your scissors are free from any manufacturing defects, including craftsmanship and its parts, for their lifetime. However, please note that scissors that have been abused, destroyed, or damaged by a non-Nordic Edge authorized sharpener, or those that have been poorly maintained, misused, or over-worn, will not be covered by this warranty. To be eligible for warranty service, it is extremely important to care for and maintain your scissors according to the guidelines in the scissor care guide. Any defects or missing parts caused by user abuse or carelessness can/will be repaired or replaced at the user’s cost.

Please contact your local distributor or Nordic Edge directly if you have any questions. Our high-end scissors are built to last a lifetime, and with proper maintenance and service by Nordic Edge, they can easily last 25+ years.